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Hey guys!
Long time no see *hihi*

Multifandom Post

[01-12] Fanarts - "Requests"
[13-14] Hayley Williams (Paramore)
[15-19] Ashley Tisdale
[20-20] Leighton Meester
[21-98] One Tree Hill 5x01
Bigger Graphics
[01-01] Ashley Tisdale
[02-03] One Tree Hill 5x01


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Hi guys, sorry about the large size of this post, it's kind of a dump of a whole heap of random icons I've made over the last month or two.

Daft Punk
Ellen Page
James McAvoy
Fight Club
Gossip Girl
Gilmore Girls
American Gangster
The Office (US) + Quote icons.

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woobie icon post three

16 Paramore + 4 Userinfo Banners
7 Heroes
8 Jensen Ackles
23 Football; Liverpool
4 Tokio Hotel; B. Kaulitz
4 Request Icons + 2 Extras
7 Wallpapers
Texture Set

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tv show: cougar town


Hey guys! =D

I wanted to make icons, but I don't have any pictures. -___-

So i thought maybe there's a picture you always wanted to have iconized (is that a word?)

Well thats no problem...just comment here and I'll see what I can do.

Uhm...and it'll make this a lot easier, if the pics were at least MQ...thanks <3
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taking requests

Hey guys! I've only posted here twice so far, so you might not be too familiar with my icons. Anyway, I've got some free time on my hands this week and I thought it'd be a good time to icon and take requests!

Comment here with any picture you want me to icon for you, and don't forget to mention if you want any specific text on it. I'm cool with lyric icons too, so if you want lyricons of a song you're currently into =) My first two posts are here and here, as well as the icons I used to post on my journal if you want an idea of my icon style.

♥ ♥