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09 March 2007 @ 04:10 pm
Icon Makers Application  
I need new partners so please fill this form and sure I will let you to enter as designer in this new community.

If you enter as designer you couldn't post your icon in another site, this is not a icon posting community. Of course you could show teasers in icon posting communities but not the all bunch.

This community is to create a little gang of crazy icon makers, I hope that you understand the object of that ;)

Personal Journal:
Your fandoms:
Some of your icons: (5-10 icons)


Closed till new advice
the_pink_secret: lorelaithe_pink_secret on May 2nd, 2007 10:44 am (UTC)
bueno...me lo pienso...eh...jejeje
Es que a mi me mola q me comenten en el mio, no se, me da como alegria y eso, jejejeje

(si me dejases postearlos en los dos lados....... serías la mejor :D aunq weno, chica, vi tus icons, y los de otra chica q posteo ahora...y madre mia, dnd voy yo cn mi mierda-icons oh? jejeje, no valgo yo pa tar en esta zupe comu!!)