April 6th, 2008


100+ icons, userinfos, wallpapers!

Hi!! Probably you don't remember me, since my last post was back in october!! I have been really busy (working, university, exams...) But I have been making icons all this time, so here it is te result. I hope you like them!

friday night lights, gossip girl, veronica mars, one tree hill, greys anatomy, pride and prejudice, atonement, harry potter, minka kelly...and more!

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tv show: cougar town


haha hey guys :)
how are you??

i knoow first post since...i can't even remember LOL
but its no icon post :/

and i apologize!

but could you pleaase do something for me??

Watch! | Maker Example
Comment to my thread with your username after you have watched!

it'd be awesome,
if you do that for me <33

I WILL MAKE 10 icons and 2 banners/wallpaper for everyone who joins and refers me there

just comment with pictures...they have to be HQ or at least highish MQ :)

i hope it's ok to post that here??