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Requested & Multifandom

The requested icons are differenced with an (*)

Music: Artic Monkeys (*) taigrin, Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera, Andrea Corr, Franz Ferdinand (*) taigrin, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, Lily Allen, McFly (*) algodondulce, Muse (*) polstjarna, Natasha Bedingfield, Rihanna, Shakira

Actors: Billie Piper, Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventimiglia (*) the_pink_secret, Orlando Bloom(*) owca, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley

TV-Shows: Blackpool, Doctor Who (for drwho_lims are the icons of Rose/Ten from Fear Her and the Rose, Rose/Jack icons form The empty child), Torchwood, SPN, Carnivàle, Primeval, Angel (*) luux_lu, Veronica Mars (*) dmitup, FNL (*) sarah_novaly

MISC: POTC & Bleach for wickedground & hk_fan

--> All shareable except Artic monkeys, franz Ferdinand, McFly, Milo Ventimiglia Angel, VM and Bleach. Ask to the owner if you want to use one of them.

Sure that I’d forgotten someone if is the case please let me know, also if you don’t like your icon let me a pic with the moment that you really want to see in your icon. Nowadays I have a lot of work and I don’t have time to search good pics


sample 2
sample 1

And now more artwork:

Icons 200x200 px


- Andrea Corr:
- Natasha Bedingfield:
- Dr Who Rose/Ten: Soul mates ->
- Dr Who: Rose Tyler

NOTE: I have to update my credits @ my personal journal’s profile, if you want to know something more you could consult my memories, there I’d saved all the entries that I consider interesting use or not use the textures or brushes in them. I want to specially thanks for their incredible textures that inspired me so much to dearest, __misaki, luux_lu, _ravenwing redlighttt backto505, flis_designs, meleada, mizzybox, 22room and more people..thanks you’re the real artists.Check them!!
Tags: comic: bleach, header/s, icon 200x200px, icon maker:mara83, potc, primeval, tv show: angel, tv show: carnivále, tv show: friday night lights, tv show: torchwood, tv show: veronica mars
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